The aseptic magnetic mixer for mixing down to the last drop

The Alfa Laval LeviMag® is an aseptic magnetic mixer that uses a patented levitating impeller and advanced design to mix down to the last drop and maximize product yield. Compact, energy-efficient and easy to maintain, it is perfect for dairy, food, beverage and other applications that have demanding requirements for hygienic production.

Maximize process economy, minimize product loss

  • Optimized flow with higher efficiency and less energy consumption
  • Mixing down to the last drop for maximum yield due to low agitation and dry-running capability
  • Optimized Cleaning-in-Place thanks to full drainability
  • Minimized downtime due to ease of maintenance

Maximize product yield and quickly realize return on investment due to the dry-running capability of the Alfa Laval LeviMag magnetic mixer. Ensuring gentle product treatment is easy due to efficient mixing at very low speeds. The open design and low-speed rotation during cleaning contribute to effective residue removal and minimize contamination risks from wear particles.



LeviMag magnetic mixer technology

Mix down to the last drop thanks to the four-wing levitating impeller of the Alfa Laval LeviMag. Minimizing wear and ensuring drainability is easy due to no direct contact between the bearing surfaces and no dead zones.


Get more uptime thanks to low-wear bearings that are easy to maintain and easy for operators to replace on site. No glue or shrink-fit is required. This minimizes downtime. Plus, there is no need for spare impellers. Tools for easy maintenance are also available.

Product models

The Alfa Laval LeviMag magnetic mixer is available in four sizes with mixing speeds ranging from 10 to 600 rpm as the mixer’s levitating impeller design eliminates friction. This provides greater process flexibility to handle a wide range of fluid types and mixing duties, such as high intensity mixing and gentle product mixing.


Принцип работы


A radial turbine installed inside the tank is rotated via the torque from a magnetic coupling. This creates mixing of the fluid inside the tank. The patented levitated design of the impeller makes the mixer fully drainable and able to run dry – hence it can mix to the last drop, securing maximum yield.

The unique design of the Alfa Laval magnetic coupling ensures the levitation of the impeller at all times. This enables the complete drainability of process fluids and the free flow of CIP liquid and steam around all parts of the mixer, thereby ensuring thorough cleaning. Impeller levitation also eliminates axial wear.


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