Three configurations of hybrid air coolers

Alfa Laval HYAC systems are available in three different configurations with different capacity spans. All three configurations can be used for cooling fluids and gases, as well as condensing.

Alfa Laval HYAC Dual Zone field erected hybrid air cooler

Packaged systems

  • Compact, skidded, pre-piped and pre-wired units
  • Control cabinet and water treatment section available
  • Factory tested
  • Plug-and-play systems, fast and easy installation
  • Freeze protection available
  • Typical heat duties per unit up to 10 MMBTU/h (2.9 MW)

Modular systems

  • Medium-sized systems, ideal for expansions
  • Prefabricated modules assembled on site
  • Casings made of heavy-gauge steel
  • Factory tested
  • Freeze protection available
  • Typical heat duties per unit from 10 MMBTU/h to over 30 MMBTU/h (2.9 - 8.8 MW)

Field-erected systems

  • Large systems with minimal footprint
  • Concrete basin with overlying structure made of fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) or concrete
  • Lowest installed cost and total cost of ownership for high-capacity cooling/condensing
  • Interchangeable modules
  • Freeze protection available
  • Large cooling loads

Решения для устойчивого развития

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