Alfa Laval ViscoVap tubular forced circulation flash evaporators are designed for evaporation duties with fibres and larger particles. ViscoVap is the perfect evaporator for purées such as tomato and mango, as well as a suitable finisher in effluent evaporation systems.

阿法拉伐 ViscoVap 强制循环蒸发器

Handles high viscosity

The Alfa Laval ViscoVap evaporation system is particularly suitable for concentrating viscous, sticky liquids. The product will not boil inside the heat exchanger.

Suitable for fouling duties

The Alfa Laval ViscoVap evaporation system can also serve as a finisher in systems for concentration of effluent. With the right tube velocity of the liquid, fouling is resisted and cleaning-in-place more effective.

Heavy duty design

Duties like tomato purée and effluent are requiring reliable, robust solutions. The Alfa Laval ViscoVap evaporation systems are designed for the highest uptime.

Принцип работы

ViscoVap How it works