Инструменты для обслуживания для генераторов пресной воды

The performance of your Alfa Laval freshwater generator depends on proper maintenance. By having the correct tools for the job, you protect against faulty service, unnecessary downtime and potential equipment damage.

What we do

Alfa Laval offers service tools that have been specifically optimized for Alfa Laval equipment. Use of these tools ensures that regular maintenance is performed correctly, efficiently and in the safest possible manner. This in turn will maximize the lifetime of your freshwater generator.

Many maintenance activities cannot be performed properly without the right service tools. Alfa Laval can provide them as part as a service call, or you can keep them conveniently aboard your vessel.

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Телефон аварийной службы морского судоходства: +46 4636 7700.


  • Decrease service time
  • Protect crew from unnecessary risks
  • Secure service quality
  • Increase equipment uptime
  • Maintain equipment performance

Scope of supply

Specially developed Alfa Laval service tools for freshwater generators include:

  • Compressor tools
  • Handheld conductivity meter
  • Laser alignment tool
  • Belt tension measurement tool
  • Snap-on tool
  • Spanner tool
  • Ratchet spanner

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